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Everyone is ucm.
We are ucm.​

We strongly believe that everyone has an important part to play in the success of the company. For this reason, we challenge and encourage each team member in her/his individual career to flourish in the field of choice.

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How we work

We have specialised work units. Each work unit works autonomously. By constantly improving processes in cooperation with other departments, our goal is to ensure sustainable growth.

The idea is to find the position that suits you and your career best in the long term. You have the opportunity to establish and develop yourself in one area, as well as to change it in transparent communication with your supervisor.

We strive to develop you as a person and in your way of working. This includes 1:1s as well as annual reviews.

A Career at ucm - What you can look forward to

Homeoffice welcome

We encourage teamwork. We understand that everyone works differently. We want to create a working environment that suits everyone.

Holiday +

The longer you work with us, the more holiday you get. For every year of employment you get an additional day of holiday up to a maximum of 30 days.


You want to get out a bit or visit friends somewhere else? No problem! We make it possible to work for up to four weeks from other European countries. 

BVG contribution

We want to become greener and greener. This includes using public transport. We give you a contribution for this.

Right in the middle

We work at Berlin’s main train station. The office is easy to reach by bus, underground, S-Bahn or regional train.

Create your job

We don’t think in pigeonholes. There are all kinds of tasks in every area. Discover what you enjoy and where you can give input.

Our recruitment process at a glance

Step 01

HR Kickoff

We will make an initial video call with you to get to know you and see if you are a good fit for the company and the team.

Step 02

First Interview

Your second talk is with your hiring manager. We tell you a bit more about the position. You tell us something about your previous work and your motivation. 

Step 03

Case Study / Trial Day

We want to find out how you work. Depending on the area of work, you will accompany us a little or we will give you a small case study to understand your approach to the work.

Step 04

Sign the Contract and Start Your Career

Congratulations! Once all the details are settled and you want to work with us, we will send you your contract and wait for your signature.

Do you want to make a difference?

Start your career at ucm and make a lasting change in the transition of students into working life.

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