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ucm.agency – Multilingual hostesses and hosts for as little as 17€ per hour

Get yourself the pole position at international exhibitions by employing ucm.agency’s multilingual hostesses to welcome your potential clients in their mother tongue.

The global economy is becoming ever more connected. Globalisation has reached most industries in most countries. This delivers access to new opportunities for young start-up businesses as well as established companies in terms of new markets and new opportunities for cooperation every year. However, winning over clients and business partners around the world is obviously not as easy as it might sound. International exhibitions offer ideal opportunities to get in touch with clients – yet you will face tough competition. To win over customers from all over the world, for instance from China, India or Brazil, it’s critical to convince them by face-to-face communication. The perfect basis for a successful interaction is to be able to speak to your customers in their first language.

So if you are about to internationalise your business in order to conquer international markets, ucm.agency’s multilingual hostesses offer the best opportunity to present your business as international as you want it to be considered by your clients. The additional language skills they provide will enhance the reach of your exhibition appearance significantly, and will give you an advantage over other businesses.

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ucm.agency's staff is:

  • multi-lingual
  • a great team
  • on time
  • reliable
  • precise
  • flexible

What you can expect from ucm.agency

More than 11,000 hostesses available at short notice

Contact us for reliable multi-lingual hostesses in Germany and Europe.

Starting at 17€ per hour for our multi-lingual hostesses

We do all the necessary paperwork without any further costs for you. Get the whole package by paying one price.

Only qualified and certified staff

Before their very first job, we check the qualifications of our hostesses and hosts. Get further information through the detailed profiles of our staff.

Legally secure personnel placement

We register our hostesses as short term employees for every job they do.

ucm.agency's multi-lingual hostesses

ucm.agency's multilingual hostesses are at the heart of your international representation at exhibitions

To impress your clients at exhibitions lastingly, speaking only German and English just is not enough anymore these days. Are you aware of spanish beeing the most widely-spoken language worldwide? Fast-growing economies, for example in china, already make their native languages not negligible, and they will get more and more important.

Therefore, you should opt for ucm.agency’s multilingual hostesses, speaking the respective national language of your target market. All of our exhibition hostesses and hosts speak fluent German and English, but our multilingual hostesses and hosts speak at least one more language fluently. Among others, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Vietnamese.

Win over potential clients at the world’s biggest IT fair ‘CeBIT’ in Hannover or at the prestigious consumer goods fair ‘Ambiente’ in Frankfurt am Main with the support of our experienced multilingual hostesses and hosts.

Our pool of more than 11,000 hostesses

We at ucm.agency have a pool of more than 11,000 hosts, hostesses, and service employees in Berlin and across Germany. Additionally, our staff is available to work at your events, your exhibition apperarances or wherever you may need their support, at 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Starting from as little as 17€ per hour, you can book your most suitable hostesses within 24 hours.

All organizational and legal matters will be taken by ucm.agency. Furthermore, we take care of all the incidental wage costs (accident insurance, national insurance contributions, other social contributions), coordinational costs as well as accruing costs for transport and accommodation of our staff.

Contact us now and let us help you to improve your upcoming event with ucm.agency's high quality multilingual hostesses.

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