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The most direct way to your: The promotion

The most direct way to connect with your customer is through promotion. Advertising surrounds us, all over, 24/7! The result is information overload! Break the cycle with compassionate and eloquent promoters from ucm.agency that generate the highest involvement with your guests. The ucm.agency staff will connect you with your customers and increase your brand recognition with the direct engagement available from promotion.

Promotion as individual as yourself

The possibilities are endless. Our ucm.agency promoters will help increase your sales directly at the point of purchase and increase your brand awareness with your next flyer campaign. Use the knowledge gained in the field of multi-sensory marketing to offer your customers a special and memorable experience. Our hostesses offer your guests small snacks and tastings for a very special sensual experience to be more memorable. Need to promote to an international audience? Not an issue! ucm.agency offers multilingual hostesses who speak German, English, and at least one more language fluently. We work closely with you to create an individual promotion concept to optimize your sales and brand image goals.

Simple & consice

ucm.agency promotion hostesses are:

  • communicative
  • Salespeople
  • Teamplayer
  • punctual
  • service-oriented
  • reliable
  • polite
  • flexible

More than 11,000 hostesses available at short notice

Contact us for qualified event staff in Germany and Europe.

Starting at 17€ per hour for our event staff

ucm.agency undertakes all the required paperwork, without any further costs for you. We provide the whole service for one price.

Only qualified and certified staff

We check every hostesses qualification before their very first job. You can find further information about this in the detailed profiles of our employees.

Legally secure personnel placement

We register our hostesses as short term employees for every job they do.

ucm.agency's promotion hostesses:

  • Amelie, 29
    Deutsch, Englisch
    Hostess, Service

    Veranstaltungsbetreuung für Grüne Woche, IFA und Friedrichstadtpalast sowie Service im Funkhaus und Trend Factory Berlin


    rote Karte

  • Andrej, 29
    Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Russisch

    rote Karte


    Service Grundlagen, Service Menü, Barkeeper

  • Hanna, 21
    Deutsch, Englisch
    Hostess, Promotion

    Gästebetreuung bei einem Medizinkongress, Berlinale und Marketing Summit

  • Philipp, 22
    Deutsch, Englisch

    Menüservice bei Veranstaltungen in der Factory und im Funkhaus Berlin


    rote Karte


    Service Grundlagen, Service Menü

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Promotion: Experience instead of just seeing, convincing instead of just talking

Promotion is unthinkable without personal, human contact. At ucm.agency it is our mission to perfect this contact for you. We provide you the ideal promoters and hostesses for your next campaign. Our hostesses know how to engage your prospective customers in a friendly way and communicate to them the strengths and expertise of your company. Is your latest product more intricate? Our highly specialized promoters can interpret the newest features and convey them in an easy, understandable way for your potential customers to understand.

Through our ucm.agency Academy's regular training program in communication, conversation and sales skills, our promoters and hostesses know the right way to make a great impression for your company!

Still looking for the right event staff? Contact us now. We will find a solution together.
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