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The ucm.agency Academy - Ensures professionally trained staff for your event

The goal of ucm.agency is to ensure our clients have a professional and well-trained staff to have their event run smoothly. This is why why we rely on the use of particularly suitable staff, which we educate and train ourselves at the ucm.agency-Academy. The academy is specially designed to train and improve our staff with routine courses. However, a perfect event plan also requires preparing for the unpredictable. For this reason, we have a system of backup personnel management, which allows us to be flexible and react quickly to all potential issues, such as short notice illness cancellations of booked personnel. Thus, we can continue to ensure a smooth, stress-free event. For you, this process does not involve any effort or additional cost.

Training at the ucm.agency Academy

The following are a few of the essential aspects of training:
  • Behavior – A professional and friendly approach to customers of paramount importance. Our hostesses/hosts, service staff, promoters and all other event staff members, as representatives of our clients, and third parties see them as such. In addition to polite manners, attention, and engagement towards guests, as well as a motivated positive attitude are the prerequisites for an activity in the event industry.
  • Dress Code – Dress Code is determined by the client and their specific requirements. In general it is always true that the worn clothes must always be in a perfect and well-maintained condition and should also be matching in color. For example, if promotion jobs are carried out, it is that the appropriate clothing (shirts, jackets, bags, etc.) is given by the client. The situation is different in the case of events such as trade fairs, where standard business clothing is almost always required. Deviating requirements will be informed in the respective project-related briefings.
  • Appearance – Regardless of the location, we expect our hostess/hosts and all other event team members to have a well-maintained exterior appearance. This includes well-maintained workwear, the subtle use of make-up, jewelry and perfume. The hosts are expected to have a well-trimmed beard or clean shaven.
  • Communicating with Guests – The number one rule in communicating with our clients, as well as their guests and potential customers, is always a friendly and respectful approach. As service providers, our role is to represent the clients and make contact with their existing and potential new customers.
  • Handling Complaints – Any complaints from the guests should not be regarded as personal criticism, but a reference for future improvements. through role-playing scenarios, the ucm.agency-Academy practices stressful situations and their positive resolution achieved through active listening.
  • Service – ucm.agency service staff ensure an efficient runnig of events. The training in the service area includes basic elements such as table preparation and the serving of food and drinks. In depth courses include topics such as wine tasting. In addition, respectful body language and speech are essential.
  • Preparation - Professional performance at an event is only possible through equally careful preparation. To accomplish this, in depth study of the event is required beforehand, in order to be aware of and familiar with all relevant information and requirements in advance. Briefings include, knowledge location and layout of the event, in order to arrive on time at the set date in addition to have time for a possible on-site briefing. If a personal briefing is scheduled before the actual start of the work, this is noted accordingly. Especially in service and gastronomic jobs, it is preferable to know in advance the food and beverage options, and the including wine list, in order to make suitable beverage recommendations to guests.

Short & concise

The core contents of the ucm.agency academy are:

  • professional behavior
  • dresscode
  • appearance
  • communication with guests
  • dealing with complaints
  • service
  • preparation

Your benefits when working with ucm.agency

More than 11,000 hostesses available at short notice

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Starting at 17€ per hour for our hostesses

We will do all the necessary paperwork without any further costs for you. Get the whole package by paying one price.

Only qualified and certified staff

Before their very first job, we check the qualifications of our hostesses and hosts. Get further information through the detailed profiles of our staff.

Legally secure personnel placement

We register our hostesses as short term employees for every job they do.

ucm.agency's event personnel

  • Simon, 25
    Deutsch, Englisch

    Promotion bei einem PR-Launch Event im Glashaus Berlin

  • Hanna, 21
    Deutsch, Englisch
    Hostess, Promotion

    Gästebetreuung bei einem Medizinkongress, Berlinale und Marketing Summit

  • Amelie, 29
    Deutsch, Englisch
    Hostess, Service

    Veranstaltungsbetreuung für Grüne Woche, IFA und Friedrichstadtpalast sowie Service im Funkhaus und Trend Factory Berlin


    rote Karte

  • Katharina, 31
    Deutsch, Englisch

    Service für Factory Berlin, EWerk und Funkhaus


    rote Karte


    Service Grundlagen, Service Menü, Barkeeper

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Your benefits from working with ucm.agency

This brief selection of the courses of ucm.agency-Academy, described above, is intended to provide a brief insight in the main content. Our focus areas are continuously adapted to the current requirements. After completing the training courses, our staff is rewarded with a certificate so that our clients can even better understand the qualifications of our hostesses and other staff.

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