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If you want to be prepared for seasonal fluctuations in the production area, you need not only the in-house team, but also temporary workers who can support you in the production of your goods during peak periods. Our production helpers not only have the right intuition, but also the sense of quality and responsibility with regard to assembling and carrying out other tasks entrusted to them efficiently and correctly.

The production assistants of have fluent German language skills and can be appointed as support at various points in the production plant – whether for auxiliary work in the ongoing production or for quality assurance and documentation. In addition, our production assistants are physically resilient and can also support your team in operating simple production machines or cleaning equipment after appropriate instructions. Last but not least, they enjoy working with small parts and can therefore carry out precision work with confidence.

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In addition to a structured approach to diverse tasks and the willingness to work in shifts, the reliable production assistants of have good eyesight and an extremely precise and independent way of working. They also have the necessary manual skills and quickly master not only the individual tasks in production, but also your production processes. Therefore, they are able to prevent potential problems occurring at an early stage. It is our aim to provide you with qualified personnel only. For this reason, we also carry out safety instructions on request, which are required for working on your company premises. Just send us the information and we will make sure that our employees are fully prepared for their first assignment in your warehouse.
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