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If you want to pick and ship your goods effectively and always be prepared for seasonal fluctuations or crisis situations such as the current Covid-19 pandemic, you need shipping staff who are flexible in terms of time and who support your in-house team during peak periods. Our shipping assistants have the necessary physical strength and at the same time they are characterised by focused, precise and conscientious work. You can rely on them to perform their shipping tasks efficiently and correctly so that your shipments arrive at your customers undamaged.’s shipping assistants can be used in various places to support shipping and warehousing – whether it is storing, packing and preparing packages for shipping or checking delivery notes. In addition, our shipping assistants can also support your warehouse staff in receiving goods or handling returns, for example, checking incoming goods and recording the items and quantities in your merchandise management system.

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In addition to a structured approach to diverse tasks and the willingness to work shifts and weekends,’s shipping assistants have the necessary skills to quickly and precisely assemble product packaging or shipping cartons, for example. They have an eye for detail, for example to apply shipping labels or stickers straight and in the right place and to estimate quantities correctly at the first attempt. In addition,’s shipping aids quickly learn to master your processes and systematically approach orders. It is our goal to only provide you with qualified personnel. Therefore, we also carry out safety instructions on request, which are required for the working on your company premises. Just send us the information and we will make sure that our employees are fully prepared for their first assignment in your warehouse. Contact us and we will prepare an individual offer for you without obligation!

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